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The schedule

Tonight: light Shabbat candles, eat dinner, walk to Scot's and play games.
Tomorrow: head to synagogue. I'll be volunteering in the kitchen, so it'll be an entirely different experience. There's a couple of ideas for the night, but nothing set up yet. Perhaps I will continue relaxing.
Sunday: either the Renfest (last day!) or laying linoleum or the Ben Yehuda Street Fair, or a combination thereof.
Monday: work, then dance class.
Tuesday: busy in the morning (more on that later) and work at night.
Wednesday: work in the morning, then head to Baltimore for fraternity stuff, then either back to VA for gaming (not likely) or back to the house to clean & ready it for...
Thursday: home inspection in the morning, in preparation for refinance. Work in the evening.
Friday: work in the morning. Shabbat dinner plans with Howard & Denise.
Saturday: synagogue (oufruf aliyah) and then home. No night plans as yet.
Sunday: Work. No Sunday night plans yet.
Monday: Work all day, then Jason & Leah come to town. Note to self: get air mattress.
Tuesday: morning off, but work all night.
Wednesday: work all day. Batchelor dinner that night.
Thursday: House gets refinanced. Not certain what else.
Friday: teeth cleaning, then head home.
Saturday: synagogue, then I'm not sure what else.
Sunday: get married.
Monday-Wednesday: honeymoon in the wilds of West Virginia, then back to Maryland.
Thursday: back to work.

Simple enough? Shabbat shalom, everyone. May it be a peaceful weekend.
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