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Wednesday Chaos

So, I'm at work, and I get a call from the scheduler.
She says "Your partner's calling out sick. But we have someone coming at 5pm!" Translation: you'll be stuck there until 6:30 if you stay. Give 'em an inch, and then you're missing an inch you were using...
I say, "I'm sorry, Elaine, but I have a 3pm doctor's appointment. I was supposed to leave at 2 today."
She replies, "Did your partner know about this?"
I said, "Yep."
She says, "I guess I'll go work on it."

I had a similar conversation with my boss when he called. The short of it is that he found coverage for me (fairly impressive, as they're not normally that competent), and I got to my interview on time.

Stressful interview? My first in almost 3 years, yep. Bad? No. Not confrontational, but not all that encouraging either. I guess I'll need to do some more research on K-Mart. I know that they said in the interview that they don't just hire any warm body off the street, but I think I'll probably get an offer. *shrugs* I'm the kind of guy they're looking for. Time will tell.

At any rate, I'm off to check other journals to see what's been up with friends. Otherwise, g'night! 8^)