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I'm so freakin' domestic

Got home from work, and nailed all the molding back in place from yesterday's project. I hung the closet door back on the closet, and then I started putting stuff away. I realized that the bottom of the toolbox was not a good place anymore for our old phone equipment, so I took all of that out, and, miracle of miracles, almost all the tools fit in the box. I threw the phone stuff in a bag in the kitchen closet. Hopefully we'll figure out a plan of attack on that Real Soon Now.

Yes, it's a good idea that we redid the floor in the closet, too, because I can see the floor in there now. Cleaning the closet and reorganizing it was an idea that was probably necessary some months ago, but what else could we do? Things were busy. I took all of my bike stuff out of there (I'm thinking if I ride again, it'll be because of unseasonable temperatures) and put it in my office. After the wedding, I'll think about reorganizing the office. Save those Aegean Stables for later.

Then I did two batches of dishes and cleaned and set up the coffee pot for tomorrow morning. The dryer is running, and all the junk on the stairs has been cleaned off so that I can vacuum them. I still need to finish cleaning the living room, dining room, and kitchen in preparation for the appraiser, but there's time for that Wednesday night.

Yes, the actor who does the story of my life will be Michael Keaton.