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quick blips of data

I carved my first pumpkin today since visiting Ralph in Halloween past. It was fun. Today's pumpkin is entirely too happy. I'll take a picture, and if it turns out okay, will post it.

In addition to not making it to the Renfest this year, it turns out I won't make it to any Halloween parties either. Of course, higher priority and/or better stuff came along to take the place of those, so there are no complaints from this guy.

I have to report that I've been a slug. No further progress on job hunting. I have to get stuff in the mail tomorrow, so tomorrow morning will be the completion of stuff. Lots of cover letters are going to look mighty identical, but that's the way the cookie crumbles.

We have important stuff coming up in the next week or two...a trip to New York, a visit to the rabbi, and a visit with the realtor are all on the list of things to do. It all should be very interesting.

Other than that, nothing exciting to tell for this moment in time. Be headed to Hillel & Jeanne's soon for a Men's Club Meeting. Grunt, grunt. Mmm...pizza and beer. Yay!