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I meant to write this on Friday

My last day of work at CVS as a full time employee was on Friday. Unexpectedly, within the last hour I was there, my boss (Jim), his boss (Myron), and *his* boss (Area VP Gordon) came in. Zofia, my relief pharmacist, was also there.

Earlier that day, my staff had clubbed together and bought a farewell card and donuts and a cake (which came from Giant and was kosher, wonder of wonders). It was very sweet of them (no pun intended, although some of you might think so) and I figured the collection of bosses were visiting to wish me well. Jim, in particular, knew that I was leaving CVS (except possibly for part time work) and that Friday was my last day.

So, the three of them trooped in. Jim said "Seth just got married." They congratulated me (and my wife, in absentia). Then Myron said "I met your mom in Laurel." Yes, Mom shops in CVS in Laurel, and had told me she'd met someone who knew who I was. Then they left.

Zofia said "Why were they here?" I had no answer. I wonder if Jim told them I'd quit. It was odd.

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