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Car Troubles

I knew a few months ago when I got a flat that I would need to replace all my tires. They were all worn. However, in the interest of economy, I only bought two new tires and put them on the front of my car.

Saturday, I got up to go to synagogue, and discovered that one of the rear tires was flat. No big deal. I tried to change it that night and had difficulty. I called for road service (have it through the insurance...pretty spiffy, IMO) and discovered my mistake. I needed to have the emergency brake on before removing the wheel. No big deal.

Sunday morning, when trying to get to my Continuing Education meeting, the car wouldn't start. Sunday is a tough day to get mechanical service. We took it to the closest open place, and they changed the battery (and worked on it for a bit). I also had them put two fresh tires on the back, and put the spare back in the trunk. That was a nice chunk of change, and killed the day. We got a rental car in case of difficulty. Karen's car was making unusual noises, so we dropped it off (at a *real* garage) and went home to call it a night.

Monday afternoon, we took the rental back and picked up her car. Turns out she needed wheel bearings in the front, and an alignment, and an oil change. She'll also need transmission service soon, as there's funny stuff going on there. Her car just hit 100K miles, so if it is to last much longer, that money needs to get spent as well. So far this week we've spent over $1000, and that doesn't include the other minor repairs *my* car still needs.

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