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As I was getting a soda yesterday in the cafeteria, I noticed that the cashier had a tray full of dollar coins. I traded her a $10 bill for $10 in coins.

As I was leaving for the night, another pharmacist noted a pharmacy technician's baggy pants, with the crotch of the pants at ankle level. I told him that I've never been mugged, but if I was going to be mugged I wanted the option to run, which I couldn't do with baggy pants.

As I left the building and walked across the street, two guys came up behind me. One said, "I don't know if you can help us out, but me and my brother just got out of Central Booking..." (that's the jail, for you non-prison-system-literate-types) "and we could use some cash for food & shelter..."

I said, "Sure." I dug in my pocket, pulled out a handful of coins, and said, "That looks like about 7 bucks. Good luck." The amount must have surprised him, because he uttered an expletive and then thanked me. I wished them luck finding shelter in the cold, and went to the parking garage for my car.

If I hadn't gotten the dollar coins, I would have had to pull out my wallet, which they could have grabbed. It had a lot more than $10 in it. Also, I've heard about the panhandlers around here, but if they need some cash, I can do it...and I'd rather give out a bit of cash than risk a mugging.

Merry Xmas, folks.