Seth Cohen (sethcohen) wrote,
Seth Cohen

Wow, what a long week

So, lots of stuff happened in the last week. So much so that I didn't read any LiveJournals, didn't read much email, didn't respond to much email, and didn't get much sleep. I wonder how much I'll actually be able to list here??? Let's find out. 8^)

(goes and checks) Okay, Tuesday was the last time I wrote in. So...

Wednesday: I worked from 8-5. I pissed off my coworkers by not staying after 5 to finish stuff, but instead left at 5. BFD, in my opinion. If I'd stayed, I would have snapped. In case you don't know me well, when I snap, people cower. I don't like making people cower, so I try not to snap. I was that tired of having coworkers say I needed to work more when they hadn't been working as hard as I had. It took me 75 minutes to drive the 5 miles home (normal traffic would have been 45 minutes, but one of the roads was blocked off due to an accident or something, and the police were funnelling a 3 lane road down into 1 lane backroads). I then changed clothes and left for my MIB demo. No folks at the demo, except Lee. Rather than the normal gaming stuff we start with, we paused for a bit for me to get a drink (okay, 2 drinks) and let my tension level drop. Then we played "The Hills Rise Wild!" and he beat my butt. But we salvaged a pleasant time out of a long rough day.

Thursday was a day off, but I didn't exactly get to sleep in. After Karen woke around 5am (I'd gone to sleep at 11 or midnight, I forget which), I had trouble getting back to sleep. So, I got up, had breakfast (eggs & onions & Gouda, oh my!) and came up to read mail. I went until 8am when I realized I couldn't respond to mail coherently, so I went back to bed.

So, my sleep was interrupted by 5 phone calls (before I pulled my dragging ass out of bed at 11am). 3 of the calls were important, but two were from my mother, who by now (I'm almost 30, and I've *never* been a morning person) should know better. I called her back when I was awake, and if she holds true to her threat to 'never call me again' then I might just get a little peace and quiet for a while. I also decided there was too much traffic on the synagogue mailing list, so I filtered it to a mailbox for reading later. The signal to noise ratio was changing in unpleasant ways (yes, there's problems in Afghanistan. Yes, there's problems in Israel. How much can I do about it if the mail's arriving faster than I can read it?)

I cleaned myself up, packed myself up, and went to school. The president of AZO's student chapter had hailed me about a seminar they (the fraternity) would be hosting, so I went. Turns out it was hosted by Safeway, so I pinged the recruiter who was there to see if they needed pharmacists (sadly they don't.) I went towards home, ran some errands, and Karen and I did some cooking and cleaning and other deeply exciting stuff. The downstairs is still pretty clean, so I guess we made an impact. 8^)

Friday was work again, and after two Fridays in a row where the relief pharmacist wasn't there on time, I was pleasantly surprised to have they relief come in 10 minutes early. O frabjous day! I cleaned up my mess (unlike on Wednesday) and drove home. Karen had been cooking most of the day (and you can read her journal if you want the details) and I helped with cleaning and so on & so forth. Hillel & Jeanne helped us rid the house of all that pesky food, and we watched an episode of Enterprise that they had missed. They got enough of the science right not to raise my blood pressure, so watching it a second time didn't hurt me on a sabbath evening. Karen made it to bed before me, and I followed suit when I succeeded in staggering to the bedroom.

Saturday: No alarm clock. I had assumed that Karen had set it, and not checked. We made it to shul by 10, but it was a car mitzvah and if we'd arrived much later we would have not found spaces to park in the synagogue lot. We had lunch at Shirley & Joel's (and an unusual and pleasing lunch it was) and Karen and Shirley spent a lot of time working on what Karen would be doing for our wedding chupah. (That's the canopy that Jews are traditionally married under.) We didn't get home until 4, but after a semi-frantic call from other friends who were having troubles and needed folks to bounce ideas off of, our evening plans got changed and we ended up having dinner plans to talk things out. Italian was had, and so was much fun. I started to fade, and it was good that I had to be working on gave me a valid excuse not to scintillate any longer and get to bed. I didn't fall asleep until around 1am, but the alarm was set for 7am and I got enough sleep.

Today: Well, not too much to talk about. Got up, had some breakfast (we're running out of breakfast foods, must be time to go to the store) and then went to work. Sundays can be busy days at work, but they're usually productive. I get a good feeling when I work them (even though I'd rather be elsewhere) because I can clearly see how much I'm accomplishing. Yeah, I didn't fill as many prescriptions as I will fill tomorrow, but the place is clean, the supplies are stocked, and just about everyone who needed stuff was served quickly, efficiently, and appropriately. Yay!

Okay, done rambling. Time to hunt the wild leftovers. Cya!
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