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Karen's Birthday Extravaganza

I lucked out and got to leave work early today. This gave me time to execute plans that I previously had not had the chance to put into motion.

On my way to my credit union (I had to deposit some money to cover the automagic withdrawal for my upcoming car payment) I called a florist and set things into motion there. My credit union is conveniently close to the only kosher Krispy Kreme in the area ( Krispy Kreme...mmm...) and I got some cash so I could get some donuts.

Of course, I called home and discovered that Karen had already received flowers from our friends Jo and Cary. Eeps. Well, I'd already called them, so too late to worry. Even more amusing, I found out later tonight that Karen was to receive Krispy Kremes from the same place from Jeanne and Hillel. At least I was safe with the real present, which I gave her last night. No one else was around at 12:01am with The Godfather Trilogy on DVD. :)

Now, off to bed (I'm still tired from all the running around and my long day at work yesterday) and up early to take my car for repairs...
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