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What a long strange week it's been

It's rained the last couple of days. This has compacted and/or melted the snow somewhat in this area. Travel has been almost normal to and from work since Wednesday. For a while, we had snow clearing the bottom of our front window (we had more than two feet of snowfall from last weekend, plus all the snow that we moved from other places to there so that we could walk) but it's now receded.

As for my dad, I have my work schedule complete up through 3/9. As the schedule for after 3/9 has not been completed, and my father presumably goes for sentencing sometime in the next three weeks, my brother and I should try to visit him Real Soon Now. Karen is looking into plane flights for the both of us. We don't know why he's telling us that it's a minimum 3 year sentence with no possibility of parole - the statute doesn't say that. But a minimum 1 year sentence still means that we won't be seeing or hearing from him for a long time, and his mother (who is in a nursing home up there) will not be getting any regular visitors from anyone. I've spoken with the scheduler at work, and it should be possible for me to visit him.

I should hop in the shower. I need to leave for work soon. Boy, is it early. Perhaps I shall write more later.


Feb. 23rd, 2003 10:23 am (UTC)
you may be able to get several visits into a long weekend. And he should be able to make collect phone calls. Finally, since you're coming from such a distance, it's possible that they will allow for a longer visitation time, particularly after he shows some good behaviour (hey, let's be positive here!)

You'll probably want to visit Dora, too, so it's not like you'd travel that far just to visit your father. You'd get to see her, and him, over a long weekend.

It still sucks, but it's actually possible that you'll be seeing your father more often in the coming year than you've seen him in the past few years combined.
Feb. 24th, 2003 02:22 am (UTC)
These are all possibilities. Let's hope for the best. :)