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I'm fat and I'm old

Tae Kwon Do tonight was unexpectedly fun. That is, it was fun, and it was unexpected, as I didn't plan to go until about two hours beforehand. I'd write more about it, but you'll have the pleasure of listening to me moan for the next couple of days as my body heals, so perhaps I'll talk more later.

Pipsqueak is currently trying to dig her way inside my gym bag. She'd find it a lot easier to do if she had thumbs.

Finally, I went to BJ's tonight. It's a warehouse club (like Sam's Club) and their unusual special is pianos. Uprights are $2500 or so, and baby grands are about $3K more.

Taking a page from ralphmelton, I asked the cashier, "Those pianos...do you deliver? And do you do C.O.D.?"

Unfortunately, the ignorant youth did not have a sense of humor nor did he understand C.O.D. If they had such things (no, they did not) he would have been the first on my list to receive one of these.


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Feb. 25th, 2003 05:20 am (UTC)
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