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The really big show (or a really busy week)

I work this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon, and then have Wednesday off entirely. Here's the things that Must Be Done to get caught up around here:

-Go to the Gym (each day)
-Go to the cleaners (this morning)
-Call the American Red Cross to reschedule my blood donation (missed it last week)
-Call my doctor's office to reschedule my procedure and appointment
-Call my credit union to figure out when to deposit a check of money we don't have to pay the car loan, which automatically comes out on Monday
-Call my old boss at CVS about inconsistencies in my paycheck
-Research storage units in our area so that we can store our stuff

I work Thursday morning. Thursday evening we need to get cleaned up for Shabbos, and buy groceries. We're having a friend over for Shabbos dinner (and he may stay over, if he stays late enough to not want to drive home) so it'd be nice if we could find the floor.

After those things are done, next up is:
-Taking Pipsqueak to the vet (gotta rotate the whiskers) and getting more cat food
-taking care of the taxes
-packing up stuff that needs to go into the storage unit
-cleaning for Pesach (Passover)
-figuring out better shelving or a new cabinet for the kitchen
-getting a tuneup for my bicycle
-new blinds for the downstairs
-new carpet for the downstairs

'Nuff said. I'm going to go to the gym and the cleaners, for a start to my day.
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