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I want it, I want it, I want it

This is known as "stalling going to the gym until my arthritis medication kicks in". Actually, once I'm done with this post, I'll probably take some pain meds and just go. But I thought I'd mention this to you anyway, so that I could troll for your sympathy. :)

Things we need: new dishwasher, new flooring, new house.
Order we can get them in, easily: flooring, dishwasher, house.
Order we would like them in: house. If we got another house, screw the flooring and dishwasher.

Monster.com used to run a site called monstermoving. They've sold it to someone else who doesn't keep the same data available. I used to be able to estimate how much this house had gained in value by the amount and times that equivalent homes had sold on our street. Since I can't do that any more, I'll have to estimate from old data from before the site switched.

As we took all the equity out of the house to cover our debt, and a realtor would take 6% of the home's value as a fee, we would need to be here 8 months after our last refinance to make sure that selling the house didn't cost us big bucks. That's not far away. However, we still end up with nothing, and needing to buy a new house. It's not going to happen any time soon, unless we pay down our debt significantly.

So, spending a little money on flooring or a dishwasher isn't a big deal - we're going to be here a while, and it adds value to the house to some degree. I just wish we were somewhere else already, as it might ease the pressure of this small home.


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Apr. 28th, 2003 10:40 am (UTC)
veering slightly off the topic...
If you are ever thinking about moving to Northern VA and need a realtor, let me know. My mom is the best realtor here, and I'm not just saying that 'cuz she is my mom. She does not advertise - all of her business is through referrals - and she is very much sought after. She will take good care of you. :)

(This goes for you too, storvik, though I doubt you'll see this since I'm replying late...)
Apr. 28th, 2003 11:31 am (UTC)
Re: veering slightly off the topic...
Thanks, but we're not likely to move to NoVa any time soon.

There is a concept called an 'eruv' - a 'home area' where objects can be carried during the sabbath or holidays. They are centered around Orthodox synagogues, to ease the difficulties of walking to synagogue. The eruvs in this area are in Silver Spring, DC, or Kemp Mill. I don't think there are any in NoVA, although I could be wrong.

At any rate, moving there would make my daily commute hell, as I work in Baltimore. Thanks again.
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