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Done RDing

Several years ago (at least 3, I guess) I became Regional Director for the North East Region of Steve Jackson Games Men In Black Volunteer program. I oversaw between 18 and 30 MIBs in their duties to spread the gospel of SJGames, and earned approximately $2000 in SJG product for doing so. I also gave away a lot of points & product that I earned, so that's not a real indicator of what I succeeded in doing. However, MIBs under me earned $8000 or so in product, and compared to the total time the program has been running, that's about half of their total earnings. That shows that lots of demoing and store and convention liaisoning went on 'round here.

A few months back I had computer problems and lost the ability to use Netscape as my email client. I started using Eudora, which doesn't handle the type of mail processing I was doing to make my reports nearly as nicely. This meant that doing the reports took 2-3 times as long.

Recently, I've also felt under time pressure as regards finding another job and spending time with Karen and lots of other assorted little time-absorbers. So, I decided to step down. I'll be doing the job for another month and change, to finish up the paperwork and take care of odds and ends, and then the job goes to someone else. Thankfully, there is someone else qualified, and that takes care of my responsibilities. Yay.

So, that ends that. I'll miss the job, but since I'll still be a MIB, I'll still get to participate. Hopefully this will free up the time to get more personal stuff taken care of and make life a little easier. 8^)
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