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Is this dumb? Are we missing something?

We want to live two miles south of where we are.
A house we can fit into two miles south of where we are costs twice as much as our current house. Not gonna happen.
We had my mother over for dinner on Friday, for her birthday. I don't need to detail how the conversation went, but the gist of it is this:

My brother is moving in with my mother. Her place is too small for the both of 'em, so if he stays for any significant length of time, they'll need a larger place. Our place has two bedrooms. We could rent to my mother, she and my brother could move in, and we could rent a place south of here for less than a mortgage would be on a place down there. We'd still get the tax writeoff for owning a place, but we wouldn't make our debt worse by buying something else that we couldn't afford.

So, is this dumb? Are we missing something?
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