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The West Wing

If you didn't catch last night's West Wing (or don't care at all about West Wing), you should skip this post. That doesn't change the fact that it has been completely awesome as of late.

Recently on West Wing, Vice President Hoynes resigned over publicity about his marital infidelity. Last week, President Bartlet's youngest daughter was kidnapped.

This week, President Bartlet decided that he couldn't function as President while his daughter was being located and the perpetrators brought to justice. So, he invoked the 25th Amendment and stepped down from power.

Bartlet: a very liberal Democrat. Next in line of succession: Speaker of the House, a very conservative Republican. Writing something like that takes a lot of guts. Wow.

The truly kickass part is that the role of the SotH, now President, is played by John Goodman, a truly superlative actor. It also lays the ground for excellent parody, considering how long he was on Roseanne. I'll let you draw that mental image yourself.

This week has been a good week for TV in the Cohen household, what with West Wing and Buffy. I'm hoping the Enterprise stuff that taped yesterday is also'd be nice to have a hat trick of good tv.
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