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Ganked from mscongeniality

Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score
CategoryYour ScoreAverage
Will kill for XP
Sensitive Roleplaying69.62%
Will talk after everyone important's been killed
GM Experience94.2%
"Um... You guys are in a 10'x10' room..."
Systems Knowledge94.63%
Played in a couple of campaigns
Livin' La Vida Dorka60.92%
Goes nuts on the weekends
You are 77.64% pure
Average Score: 64.9%

Of course, not being able to remember everything I've done probably has something to do with my score...


May. 19th, 2003 09:29 am (UTC)
As you may have guessed, most of my roleplaying happens in GURPS format, although the people I play with have also introduced me to FUDGE and Harn. I haven't done D&D in years (and thus cannot remember how munchkinly I was), but my scores were bolstered by running Kill Doctor Lucky as a LARP. :)
May. 19th, 2003 09:55 am (UTC)
I heard all about that LARP, tho I never got to play in it. I'm bitter.

I roleplayed a little bit in middle school (D&D the blue book) and high school (Robotech), but mostly bypassed the AD&D munckin phase that almost everyone goes thru. I really got into roleplaying in college with Lyn Cowper and GURPS. My way cool Boston GM introduced me to BESM. Most of my GM experience is in convention one-shots with In Nomine. That's about it. But since GURPS and BESM are both setting-independent systems, you can sweep a lot of varied roleplaying experience into those buckets :).
May. 19th, 2003 10:08 am (UTC)
I'm much the same way...although I roleplayed when I was younger, I didn't really get well into it until later on. I've just read the rulebook for Buffy, and it's well done. If I can find the time (ha!) then perhaps we'll play it. Buffy, by the way, is another generic roleplaying system, so what you learn to do there carries over to other stuff as well.
May. 19th, 2003 09:13 pm (UTC)
I'm suprised that given how extensive the list was, it left a few things out. I don't recall seeing GAMMA WORLD (or GW3000 for that matter) or Shadow Run, both of which were fun. GW was this post-nuclear-apocalyptic setting, where one of the character traits was "Mutation," the vast majority of which were nasty hinderances. Like say "brittle bones" or "limbs different length by 3-12 inches." The best was that new mutations could randomly occur. Shadow Run was pretty cool too. Cyberpunks and Urban Shamans. I liked the "Urban Renewal" spell. :)

I played Call of Cthulhu enough to know that my characters must have reflected me in some way, given that they were always failing their sanity checks. I guess elder beings do that to you.

Still like AD&D, though. Started with that one in middle school, and still like it. I remember that our GM had a minor vocabulary issue then -- "Jovial" was a religion. :)
May. 20th, 2003 03:14 am (UTC)
No list is ever extensive enough
After all, they didn't have "Kobolds ate my baby!" :)
May. 20th, 2003 08:37 am (UTC)
Re: Obscurity
And no In Nomine! How could they?
May. 20th, 2003 08:41 am (UTC)
Re: Obscurity
Well, they're clearly blasphemers... :)

...or perhaps it's all a conspiracy?
May. 20th, 2003 08:41 am (UTC)
Re: Obscurity
...and just to be freaky, I did 'fnord' in brackets in that last post, so of course it dissapeared...
May. 21st, 2003 06:46 am (UTC)
Of course it disappeared. Can't have those things out in the open now, can we? HTML was designed that way for a REASON.

The SMOFs are NOT watching, there is no UseNet Cabal, and the Illuminati don't exist.

Big Brother, TIA, the GOP, and Halliburton Oil are a different matter altogether.

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