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It's about time I get around to an update

Mea culpa. I spent much of the time while Karen was away feeling cruddy...and so, little got done in preparation for our trip to the beach. We ended up leaving late, but we still made it there in under 3 hours. I'm not certain why it was important to avoid Ocean City...the trip home took 2.5 hours, and we went through OC. *shrugs*

Bethany Beach is in between OC and Rehoboth, but far enough away that it's quiet. Actually, there's a nature preserve in between Bethany and OC, so the noisiest thing we experienced after getting there was the road.

Overall, the setting and the company were pleasing. Although we were there via the invitation of our friends Ian and his wife Alida, the house was also shared with three single mothers and their assorted collection of 6 children. As the weather worsened, cabin fever set in, and the children became less and less bearable. We all survived (including the children) but for a time it was close.

My normal medical difficulties did not present themselves; instead, other difficulties loomed. For example, the climate control in the shul where we prayed was also defective, and I was nearly overcome with heatstroke. I returned to our place and slept most of Friday away, recovering from my exhaustion...leading some others to lay a diagnosis of a sleep disorder on me. Yay.

All in all, it was a good trip. Prayer was performed. Food (especially milk products) were consumed. And Ian introduced me to Johnny Walker Green. I truly had a good time, and we think we will do it again next year, despite the weather and occasional difficulties with the company.

We came back via a different route (we avoided 404) and to my scheduled shift without significant difficulty. I was pleased to see that although there had been computer problems while I was gone, that the problems had been resolved in my absence. And there was much rejoycing. Next time, however, I'm taking Sunday off so that we don't have to rush back.
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