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A productive Wednesday

I had last Wednesday off. And a busy day it was.

I drove to the dealer in Laurel and got the oil in my car changed. I'm thinking I'll need to get the AC filter purged again. When the weather warms up, and the filter needs changing, it smells unless the air conditioning is running. Luckily, it's not a big deal...and my car will need more maintenance again soon anyway.

I then ran to Glen Burnie, to check out a place called Wood Floors Plus. I've checked with them, and although they seem to offer the best price in the area, they don't have the color Karen's interested in. Heirloom Maple, in case you're curious. Perhaps in a few weeks (the store has just moved) we'll see if they have another color she likes, or if we need to go elsewhere for a price that's not as good.

I did a lot of cleaning around the house; odds and ends. I made two trips to Home Depot (once before I remembered what I needed, and then a second time for specific stuff. I repotted a plant and fixed our dryer exhaust vent, and purchased blinds for our front window (which, unfortunately, I'll have to return - they can't be installed due to our window design). I also got some stuff at the Container Store, to try to make more space in our kitchen. I need to stop back tonight, return one item, pick up the ordered item, and get something to replace the thing I'm returning.

I'm not done yet; the blinds will be returned and replaced, and then installed. The Container Store stuff needs to go in the kitchen. I'll be busy.
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