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This past week's public stuff

In terms of good times, good times were had. As I worked M-F at 7am every day, Karen had the pleasure of my company several evenings in a row. :) Also, I gamed on Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so it was a week chock-full of fun there. I also checked my MIB point level, and I have enough points to place an order for more games, and it doesn't cost me anything. :) Yaay!

I installed a rack on the back of the closet door in the kitchen. For those of you who have not yet visited Chez Cohen, the door for the under-the-stairs closet space is in the kitchen. Due to the galley kitchen, in order to open the fridge all the way (to clean the bottom bin, the crisper) you have to open the closet door all the way. So, since the two doors intersect, a previous attempt at a full-length rack was a no-go. A half rack (18" wide by 33" deep) worked just fine. I took most of the junk out from underneath the kitchen sink, put it on the rack, and installed a small trash can on the inside of the door for the kitchen sink.

When we put a new cabinet for our dishes in the dining room, we lost two kitchen things that had been using that space: the spice rack and the trash can. So, now we had a trash can *in* the kitchen again. The one in the closet under the stairs just wasn't as accessible. I also bought a couple of racks suitable for storing spices, which installed underneath the kitchen cabinets that are above the countertop. They don't hold very much, but any more space is good space, in a kitchen that size.

Karen suggested that the blinds that don't fit downstairs may fit in the master bedroom. I haven't checked that out yet, but I should be able to do so this week.

After Karen gets some money back from her Flex spending account, we should be able to do the Pergo thing in the downstairs and the kitchen. This will be good, because her allergies don't seem to be improving at all.

The downside of working 7a-3:30p each day is that I never kept up with my sleep. When I left work on Friday, I was so exhausted that I cut too tightly out of my parking space and damaged my car (and the car next to mine). I need to call and report the claim, because I did a number to the passenger side of my car. Yippee. I made it to synagogue Saturday morning, but realized about a half an hour in that I wasn't staying I went home.

Oh, and speaking of synagogue, I need to speak to the synagogue administrator. Karen doesn't attend there any longer, and as she spends more time at Woodside, so do I. Not much point in staying members somewhere that we won't be attending.
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