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Seth Cohen's Journal

Playing live-action Give me the Brain since 2004, & I still have too many Tasks

Seth Cohen
4 February 1972
I've lived in New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Michigan, Florida, Maryland, and Massachusetts. That should be enough places to prove a point of some kind.

I've been all over the US, and visited Canada and Aruba in addition. That's not nearly enough places, so I'll have to visit some more.

I had a father. I have a mother, a brother, a wife, a foster son, BGG triplets and a singleton daughter. There's hundreds of other relatives at various distances, but those are enough to prove a point of some kind.

I'm a health professional, a pharmacist. I've been a college student, a secretary, pusher of an idiot stick, and enough other professions to prove a point of some kind.

I'll list some other stuff, if I feel I need to prove a point of some kind. Or not.

I won't do what some people do, which is list hundreds of other interests in their bio section. I don't even have time or space to talk in depth about my main interests, let along the myriad subsidiary things that make up my life. If it can't be fit into the 150 allowed listed interests, it's probably not all that important.

I have changed some of my interests as I've read other's journals. One of these days someone will write code that allows similar interests to be linked together in categories, or concatenate interests beneath categories. Until that point, I'm going to list 150 or so, and it will be pretty generic. The people I share lots of common interests with all seem to be pretty cool, with the exception of those who can't spell.
alcohol, animation, art, astronomy, backrubs, beatles, beer, being lazy, biking, biotechnology, board games, books, booze, brewing, bridge, british comedies, caffeine, card games, cartoons, cheapass games, chocolate, classic rock, coffee, comedy, comic books, comic strips, comics, computers, conspiracy_theories, conventions, cooking, correct spelling and grammar, creativity, cycling, discordia, discworld, dispensing mayhem, dnrc, dork tower, driving, drugs, drunken debauchery, dvds, eating, enterprise, fantasy, fiction, film, fnord, folk music, food, friends, friendship, fun, games, gaming, gourmet foods, happiness, harry potter, heavy metal, heinlein, home improvement, hugs, humor, illuminati, insanity, intelligence, internet, irony, israel, judaism, kevin smith, kiss, kosher food, learning, literature, livejournal, lord of the rings, love, mad science, martial arts, massage, money, monogamy, monty python, movies, munchkin, muppets, music, musicals, on-line comics, parody, peace, peter david, pets, pharmacy, photography, pizza, punk, reading, religion, renaissance festivals, rhps, rock, rock and roll, rock music, rocky horror picture show, role playing games, role-playing games, roleplaying, rpgs, sarcasm, satire, sci fi, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scifi, shakespeare, silliness, sleep, sleeping, sluggy freelance, spanish inquisition, spider robinson, star trek, star wars, starcraft, steve jackson games, superheroes, sushi, swimming, technology, terry pratchett, torah, travel, ubs casual, uss murgatroid, vodka, warcraft, washington dc, weird al yankovic, west wing, world domination, writing